Frequently Asked Questions

How does Top20Talent work?

Top20Talent empowers people to find careers that unleash their value, and makes the process confidential and efficient. Sign up for Top20Talent by creating a profile that outlines your career experience and skills. From there, we’ll review your profile and if approved, you’ll be invited to join our marketplace where you’ll receive interview requests from exciting, pre-vetted employers. Not only is Top20Talent free for all candidates, but we’ll actually send you a $1,000/6,700 RMB bonus for using Top20Talent to find your new job!

Why should I consider using Top20Talent?

Unlike traditional job searches, we confidentially bring the companies to you, giving greater exposure to a variety of opportunities at high caliber companies than you would have through any other means. You will get access to key information like salary, equity and bonuses. In addition, you’ll be matched with one of our industry Talent Experts that are experienced in your industry and function and can give the appropriate coaching and market information you need to make the right career decision.

What kind of opportunities are you hiring for?

We are the only cross functional and multi-industry platform that focuses on candidates that have 5-20+ years of experience.  These roles range from individual contributors to C-level execs. Companies come to us to help find candidates for hard-to-hire roles across all the industries and geographies in which we operate.We operate in Life Science, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer, Financial Services, Property, Construction, Technology, Internet, Banking and select Industrial segments. In addition, we have functional focused areas in Human Resources, Functional Finance, Legal and Corporate IT roles.We’ll be expanding into additional industries and job categories in the future, and hope to ultimately be the place all Top 20 Talent go to find a job they love and have their value realized.

What markets do you serve?

Top20Talent places candidates across Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Suzhou. We are rapidly expanding into other major cities in Mainland China as well as key markets in Asia. We also have a special target of Chinese speaking candidates based outside of Asia looking to return to Asia. Over the next 24 months we will be in most major markets in the US and key markets in Europe. If you live outside of our key markets and are willing to relocate, we encourage you to try us out!

If I join Top20Talent’s marketplace, what kind of time commitment am I looking at?

For top candidates, participating in our marketplace can be time intensive. We recommend that you hold off on any additional job searching during those 4-6 weeks to ensure you have the bandwidth to pursue all relevant opportunities offered on Top20Talent’s platform. Most of the interest from companies happens during the first 30 days, and for each interview request received, plan for multiple interview rounds. It will involve a non-trivial amount of preparation, phone and programming time to make it through each job process – as well as onsite interviews that sometimes require taking a day off from your current job. If at any point you feel your bandwidth is stretched too thin, speak with your Talent Advisor, and they can help you prioritize and organize your interview schedule to make it more manageable.

What is your approval process for candidates and companies?

Both candidates and companies are vetted before inclusion in the marketplace. Candidates must have a complete profile and demonstrable skills for a high-demand role. Companies must be properly funded SME or publicly traded, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on our platform.

I wasn’t approved. Why didn’t Top20Talent accept my profile?

There are a number of reasons why your profile might not be approved, however, the most common occurrence is we don’t have a large enough demand for jobs that match your skillset. We are continuing to expand into new categories and markets around the world, so in the event you aren’t approved to our marketplace right off the bat, we encourage you to check back down the road.

How does your talent curation process work?

Our marketplace is built off of a combination of technology and offline recruitment industry experts, which determines who gets featured on Top20Talent’s platform. We are the only online to offline marketplace and we look at the entire talent pool for every industry, function and geography in which we operate. Because we look at all potential candidates, not just online applicants, it makes for a much more intensive process than any other platform. In addition, we take into consideration what are the key attributes, culture fit and capability needs of our member companies when curating Top20Talent.

What types of companies can I expect to hear from for interview requests?

In the event there is a job opportunity that fits your skillset, you’ll be hearing from a variety of multi-national and domestic companies that are properly funded SME up to large public companies. These companies are growing in Asia as well as markets outside of Asia.

If I accept an interview, will I still be visible to other employers in the marketplace?

Yes, your profile is visible for the entirety of your time in the marketplace regardless of how many interview requests you accept. Typically, there will be a phone interview or face to face interview. You may choose after the first round you no longer have interest; there is no obligation to continue the process and this will not impact your ability to continue with other interviews. You can repeat the process until you find your right opportunity!

Should I wait until the end of my 4-6 weeks on the marketplace to accept or decline interview requests?

If you receive an interview request from a company that you like, you should accept it immediately. Accepting only means that you will start the formal interview process with the company. You can still consider other opportunities as they come up. Waiting longer than 48 hours to accept an interview request is not recommended; most companies consider multiple candidates for the same role, and you don’t want to be left behind.

What happens after I accept an interview request?

Each company is slightly different in how they interview, and interviews vary by industry and function.  Your offline talent advisor will walk you through the process and will explain the specific process for that particular company.

How long does it take to actually get a job?

As long as your schedule lines up with the company you’re interviewing with, on average it takes 30-45 business days for an interview request to turn into a final paper offer, though some companies move faster or slower. Freelance opportunities generally take much less time, as some final offers are made within one or two interview rounds.

I like the company but the upfront offer is too low, what should I do?

If the offer is in the right ballpark our offline talent advisors will work with you and the company to help you negotiate the offer that you will be comfortable to accept.

My current company uses Top20Talent. Will they be able to see my profile?

No. Employers cannot see candidate profiles with current experience at the same company.

How do I collect my $1,000/6,700RMB bonus?

You are eligible for the $1,000 bonus from Top20Talent within 100 days of starting your new job. To receive your bonus, please coordinate with your Talent Adviser directly.  We will track and notify you proactively but you are free to check in with your Talent Adviser as the 100-day mark approaches.

Are there any freelance, temporary or telecommute opportunities?

Yes, this will be available in the coming months as we continue to grow the Top20Talent marketplace.  We will announce this as the time approaches.

Are there companies that sponsor work visas?

Most of our clients sponsor in the relevant country so work visas are generally no issue.