Make Your Friends Happy with Our Peer-to-Peer Referral Program

Help your friends find their dream job, and get paid for your hard work. It's easy!

Our marketplace of 1,000+ jobs from top global companies is booming! Refer a friend now and get your rewards chain going.

Here's How it Works

Stage 1: Application

Create an account and refer a job to a friend. Receive a Bronze Token (70 CNY) when your friend applies.

Stage 2: Interview

If it's a good match, your friend will be invited for an interview. Receive a Silver Token (350 CNY) once it finishes.

Stage 3: Offer

When your friend accepts the offer, congrats! Receive an Orange Token (7,000-70,000 CNY) based on the position.

Refer a Friend Now

Referral Program Benefits

Instant Payout
  • Get paid instantly, when your friend applies for a job you referred. You may view your balance in your dashboard.
  • No conditions, no contracts.
  • Refer as many qualified friends for as many jobs as you can!
Get Rewarded Every Stage
  • Receive award after each stage of the hiring process.
  • Bronze Token (70 CNY) for the Application stage.
  • Silver Token (350 CNY) for the Interview stage.
  • Orange Token (7,000-70,000 CNY) for the Offer, depending on the level of the position.
Fully Confidential
  • You may refer your friend anonymously.
  • Your friend's candidate profile remains fully anonymous to hiring companies unless he or she is interested.
  • Candidate has full control over hiring process!
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